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M. Alan Kaslev

M. Alan Kazlev originated the Orion’s Arm project with Donna because he felt the time for a new and original, high quality and realistic “space opera” was well overdue. He has loved science fiction since he was a kid; some of his fondest memories are of watching the original Star Trek when he was 10 or 11 years old. As a teenager he read most of the classic masters of the genre, before turning to explore other areas of knowledge. His various interests include hard science fiction, worldbuilding (of course!), futurism, anime, space opera of any kind, metaphysics, environmentalism, biology, palaeontology, meditation, and self-transformation. As one of OA’s founding Board members, he constantly tries to ensure a balance between grand worldbuilding and the everyday human concerns, diamond-hard science & tech and imaginative speculation, and intelligent SF ideas and popular Sci Fi entertainment. His ambition is to establish OA as a powerful new constellation in the Geek Universe. He is currently working on a sci fi novel set in the OA universe.

You may contact Alan here.

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  • Jo Alex ( Jorge Alexandre) says:

    Your site on Alchemy( I´m specially interested in the Taoist section,as a Shamanist and Taoist)is unique!Professor Torchinov´s text on the Taoist Mysterious Female is magnificent- it has confirmed what I had hinted before:that there could be deep links with this aspect of the Tao and the concept of Maha Devi in India as the real source of both wisdom and everything…Thank you so much ( ps: I also love sci fi, your great!)

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