Voices/Future Tense

An Orions’ Arm E-zine

Issue Two: July 20 2006 CE / 37 AT

Editorial: Happy Tranquility Day!

Short Story: Festival SeasonM.K. Capriola, Jr

Reviews: Beyond Singularity, Dann and Dozois (ed.)Todd Drashner

Short Story: Twenty-One SecondsDavid Jackson

Serials: ImmedeismChinedum Ofoegbu

Reviews: Saturn’s Race, by Larry NivenJohn B

Short Story: Travelers’ Notes: In MemoriamTodd Drashner

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  • [...] And, if you’re looking for some light SF reading thereafter, may I recommend issue two of Voices/Future Tense? There’s some Really Cool Stuff ™ in there. [...]

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