Voices/Future Tense

An Orions’ Arm E-zine

Issue 20: December AS 43/2012 CE

Editorial: Ho ho GO…

Serials: Heart Of The Ice (Part Three), by Steve Bowers

Announcements: Voting Is Now Open for the 2011/2012 Short Story Collection Contest

Short Stories: The Inspection, by Ryan B

Short Fiction Entry: Midwinter, by Stephen Inniss

Reviews: Hex, by Allen Steele,, reviewed by Todd Drashner

Announcements: Voting Is Now Open for the Short Story Collection Cover Art Contest

Short Stories: A Certain Misunderstanding, by Adam Getchell

Short Fiction Entry: Ghostkill, by Steve Bowers

From The Encyclopedia Galactica: Bok Swarm

Short Fiction Entry: New Home, by Ron Bennett

Announcements: OAUP On Smashwords!

Short Fiction Entry: The Immortalist, by Darren Ryding

Short Stories: One Sick Puppy, by Darren Ryding

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