Voices/Future Tense

An Orions’ Arm E-zine

Issue 17: Tranquility Day, 42 AT/2011 CE

Editorial: Not An End…

Announcements: Wanted: Associate Editors

Short Stories: One Man’s Meat, by Daniel Eliot Boese

Travelers’ Notes: Conver Ky, by Mark Ryherd

Announcements: 2012 Story Contest

Reviews: Surface Detail, by Iain M Banks, reviewed by Todd Drashner

From The Encyclopedia Galactica: Transapient Whales

Serials: Heart Of The Ice (Part One), by Steve Bowers

Poetry: THE SILENT BANG, WAITING (Homage to a lithograph by Parkes), by Richard Tornello

Travelers’ Notes: In The Cathedral Of Night, by Todd Drashner

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