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Editorial: A Wish List

Next issue will mark the second year of V/FT. A birthday, if you like; an Awakening Day, in the usages of some of the cultures of the eleventh millennium AT. (After all, if your thoughts flow in silicon, or glide on the very stuff of bulk and brane, “birth” is but a metaphor. But every sophont has a day of Awakening, no matter the computronium which bears their thought…)

So. In time honored tradition, a wish list:

    More authors: We’ve had a splendid group of authors, who’ve contributed to V/FT’s initial success. I would love to see more of you join them.
    More Media: So far, no one’s been minded to contribute art, images, poetry, music, movies. Those, too, are ways to tell stories; we’d like to see them here. In fact, look to next issue; we’re hoping to do something to encourage that.
    More (And Different) Content: We’d like to see more reviews of other books, movies, games. We’d like to see reviews of conventions — not just SF conventions, but transhumanist and futurist conventions. We’d like to see articles on scientific research and breakthroughs. We’d like to see some of you write these articles.
    More Readers: If we keep writing and publishing, they will come. But now, with a year under our belts, I’d like to invite you to start spreading the word. Soon, we will have a publicity section for V/FT. You will be able to go there, download flyers and circulars, print a few copies, and bring them with you to the next convention you attend. We’ll put together banners for your weblogs and websites, so you can link to us. We’ll host the OA Primer as well, so people who become interested through the stories can get a sense of the scope of this marvelous project. We’ll give you something to share; please go ahead, and do just that!

Here’s to another year of V/FT. Our first year was marvelous; may the second year be even better!

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  • Eric says:

    I would absolutely love to spread more word of Orion’s Arm around. I have ctrl-c and then ctrl-v a lot of the fiction available (and gone through a good chunk of the background inormation) and the most pressing sggestion I can make is to stop making the copy/paste ritual so integral to viewing the OA material in any offline context. I have a zaurus that I use for my offline reading and I would vastly prefer a plain text download option for reading the various e-books than the system I’ve worked out for myself. It has even been a roblem keeping the whole text (keeping the title and the author’s name intact in the file without requiring extra typing). Plase, if you want greater exposure, make it easy to do so. Also, I cant help but feel “dirty” using a kludge like notepad to transfer the material from the net to my PDA, I believe I have satisfied the CC license but it would be easier and morally more desireable to have access to an approved .txt in the first place. Keep up the grat work in any case, and I hope to contribute myself once I have a comfortable grounding in the Arm.

  • dad2059 says:

    Dear Gentlebeings;

    I have linked the OA site to my own site and I review NewScientist.com, Space.com and ScientificAmerican.com on Fridays. On Saturdays I post stuff from SciFi.com and I review old books I’ve read when I was young (1970s serialized novels). I also linked to the World Transhumanist Organization and I am also a transhuman. If interested please contact me at my email address, or post a comment on my site.


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